about us.

love affaires is an e-shop made in love. a story about love, fashion and fun.
the adventure begins in 2012, in the heart of paris. it is above all the tale of two friends and
partners with an unconditional love for fashion. their idea? introduce you to their favorite brands.
the concept? love, hearts and other little vanities. the name? a skilful pun !

love affaires is much more than just an e-shop. it is the project of young enthusiasts who’ve joined
the ship over time and who, day after day, have added their own personal touch to make the website
unique ! all year long, our team of fashion bloggers analyse the trends in order to offer you their
selections and give you their best advice.

our brands, we love them deeply. they come from all around the world and if their names do not
sound familiar to you at first, they already belong in some of the biggest celebrities’ closet. at love
affaires, we think these brands deserve to be known by everyone. our goal: make them more
recognisable !

love affaires, you will love it a little, a lot, passionately, to distraction !

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